Policy & Legal

Ethics and Compliance

Before proceeding with the acquisition of properties, it is imperative to ensure the fulfilment of a Property Ownership Agreement or Property Co-Ownership Agreement.

It is advisable to ascertain whether the government has provided sufficient security measures for the area in question. Additionally, it is prudent to investigate if the local community has established effective methods for addressing security challenges. Beyond the specific property considerations, evaluating the neighbourhood is essential.

Prior to making any investment decisions, it is crucial to assess one’s knowledge of real estate investing. The aim of our sales pitch is to capture your attention rather than soliciting immediate financial commitment.

Defence Developer’s operate with a commitment to ethical conduct, honesty, and strict adherence to legal regulations. Upholding customer privacy is paramount to us. We believe that our conduct is integral to the success of Defence Developer’s, complementing our dedication to achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our Business Conduct and Compliance policies serve as the cornerstone of our operations, guiding us to uphold our values consistently.

Even in challenging circumstances, we prioritise doing what is right. With Defence Developer’s, rest assured that your finances and properties are safeguarded.

For inquiries regarding these guidelines, kindly direct your questions to the Defence Developer’s Trademark Department at [email protected]